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There is something regarding redheads that make them unique. Perhaps it’s the truth that there are few of them, or the truth that red is the shade of enthusiasm. Whatever that is, DarlyAmour is the ideal instance of a redhead everyone would certainly fantasize to be better with.
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DarlyAmour constantly has pantyhose on, of program being completely nude beneath. DarlyAmour likes to cum in her pantyhose while you view her as well as tip her. Go to DarlyAmour’s space as well as begin wanking, her pussy as well as her pantyhose are waiting for you

FemDom: the joy of being a sub

For many men, it can be difficult to accept the fact of being a submissive one. Modern society keeps giving us the classic image of the man being the strong one in the couple, the hunter, whereas the woman is usually the prey. That’s why a submissive man will always understand his nature in time, by noticing what really makes him hard and excited.

FemDom overturns a society taboo

Ever since the story of manhood has been told, the relationship between a man and a woman has always been described the same way. The man is the dominant figure, the hunter, the one in charge. The woman is his prey, the one who needs to be rescued when in danger, then one that needs to take care of the house while the man is out working. 

Knights have always been men, every hunter in every told story has been a man. Every love story has always been told like the woman is the weak one, crying over a man who goes from one woman to another. 

FemDom overturns all that. The woman is in charge, she is the one in control of her own fate, she is the one selecting men and what to do with them. The most ancient taboo of a strong woman has finally been overturned. 

Men exist only to serve Women in FemDom, in every possible and humiliating way. They are not serving Women like knights used to do, since the dominant woman can easily take care of herself. They exist only to please her, to follow her every order, to fulfill her every desire and need.

FemDom comes in many different shapes

Like everything in the kink and BDSM world, there is not a single kind of FemDom. Or, better said, not every submissive man gets off to the same kind of domination. Not every slave likes to be verbally humiliated, not every slave likes to feel physical pain. Some slaves prefer mental domination, whereas others are looking for the most embarrassing and humiliating tasks to be performed while the domme looks at them. So what are the most common types of Female Domination scenarios? Let’s have a look at some of them.

Verbal Humiliation in FemDom

Being verbally humiliated by a beautiful and dominant woman. That’s what some submissive men find extremely arousing. The way to get humiliated varies from man to man: some want to be humiliated for being losers, others for their religion, others for the color of their skin. The only common fact is that all these submissive men get off by hearing a beautiful woman calling them in the worst possible ways ever.

Small penis humiliation in FemDom

This is very close to the generic verbal humiliation, but it usually involves the use of a webcam. Men that really have a small penis get excited by showing it to a Dominant Woman, who just starts laughing at them and humiliates them.

Body worship in FemDom

Every man is attracted by a specific part of a woman’s body: breasts, feet, legs, ass..but also hair, nails, neck, and many more can get off a man just by looking at them.

So it comes to no surprise that for submissive men it is exactly the same…with a small difference. What a submissive man wants to experience, is for the dominant woman to abuse his weakness for a specific part of her body. She has to tease him with that part so that he becomes less and less able to control his actions ending up being under the total control of the domme.

This kind of femdom is perfect to be experienced in cam: the FemDom will put up a show with that part of her body as the main “star”, using her teasing to make the submissive fall totally under her control. What she does with that control falls usually under some of the other kinds of domination. But it can even be that she just keeps showing that to the submissive telling him how weak he becomes, how much he is under her control, without actually acting on that control. Till the submissive comes (if he is allowed to), of course.

Financial Domination

One of the most controversial kinky activities out there is, by all means, financial domination. There are tons of stories out there of men ending up having their life totally ruined because of this fetish of theirs. And still, this one gets more and more popular. But what is it all about?

A submissive into financial domination gets excited by giving money to a beautiful woman. That’s the easiest (and most simplistic) way to describe financial domination. Of course, as in every domme/sub relationship, it all starts from an attraction of the sub for the domme. It doesn’t always have to be a physical attraction (many times it’s just a mental one), but without it, there won’t be any exchange of money for sure. 

The exchange of money can then take place on the internet, usually on cam sites during a cam session, or in-person in front of an ATM machine. But in both cases the FemDom takes control of the submissive wallet, basically taking from it everything she wants and desires. 

Physical pain in FemDom

The most common idea of BDSM and domination that everyone has is the one where the physical pain is involved. Chains, whips, spanking, cages, and so on are very common in the classic idea of BDSM everyone has. But what about online? How can a submissive man who gets hot by receiving pain enjoy a live cam session? Easy: by have the correct toys nearby. In sessions of this kind, the FemDom gives orders to the slave in the form of what he has to do with his one body…and the possibilities are endless. Imagine a huge dildo being inserted into the ass’ slave or a slave spanking his own ass..those are just a few of the possibilities. 

Forced Chastity and FemDom

Another form of female domination is the forced chastity. The slave loses control of his own penis, and only the domme can decide when he can masturbate or have sex with his own wife. Chastity belts have been around for centuries now, and in recent times they got smart. An app, controlled by the FemDom, can directly interact with the chastity belt worn by the slave. She can decide to send him vibrations, to free him up for a bit, and many other cool things. All of this is perfect to be done while in a live cam session of course